What is Sub-Ohm Vaping? An Ultimate Guide for Beginners

If you've been in the e-cigarette kingdom from the beginning, you know that back in the day, the scene of these cig-alikes wasn't so magnificent as it is now. Fast forward to ten plus years, all hail to sub-ohm vaping, the horizon of e-smokers and vapers have broadened. Now, you might think - "Oh, darn…!! What is sub-ohm vaping?" Well, that's what we are here for…!!


Here's the only end to end sub-ohm vaping guide that you'll ever need…!! 


What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

A good part of the e-vaping involves using an electronic cigarette or a vape device that comes with a coil (to conduct the electricity). The coiled devices operate on different ranges of resistance. For all the nerds reading this, the resistance is often measured in Ohms (Ω). We'll come back to the nerd part later, but get the hang of this - electronic vaping is all about vape devices that come with a coil to pass the electricity. 


Now, when the resistance of this coil is less than 1 Ω, we call the process as sub-ohm vaping. 


If you were reading this article in 2016, then we'd write that sub-ohm vaping is not entirely easy for everyone, from the technical point of view. But up-to-the-minute battery and chipset technologies have simplified sub-ohm vaping for everyone. Although mechanical mods are still lucrative enough for men and women of traditions, today we're here to talk about sub-ohm vaping only. So…

Understanding the Ohm's Law for Vaping

When did you last read about Ohm's law? Maybe in a not-so-interesting physics lecture in your highschool. To simplify things for you, let's start with what Ohm's law is used for? Ohm's law is used to find out the value of voltage, current, and resistance in any given circuit. And your vaping device is a circuit. So if you're inclined towards traditional sub-ohm vaping, you must know about Ohm's law.


The law says V=IR or I=V/R. The letter I stands for current, measured in the unit of amperes, R is resistance, measured in ohms, and the V is for voltage, measured in volts. So if you have any two of these variables with you, you can easily find out the third one for a smooth vaping experience. 


But in vaping, a fourth variable, Power or P comes in too—the formula for which is P=VI. Power is obtained by multiplying the current with the voltage and is measured in watts.


In vaping, power is directly proportional to the cloud size. The more the power, the more will be the cloud's intensity when you vape. That's why you should go with vape devices and atomisers that come with good power range, because they will generate more vape, eventually making a more significant vape cloud.


Direct-To-Lung Vaping Vs. Mouth-To-Lung Vaping (Sub-Ohm Vaping Vs MTL Vaping)


All sub-ohm vaping devices use the direct-to-lung vaping technique. Others use a mouth-to-lung vaping style. Here's a simple comparison between both of them.


DLT Vaping 

MLT Vaping

The vapour gets directly to the lungs

First, the vapour goes to the mouth, and then to the lungs

More relevant to smoking a hookah

More like smoking a cigarette

Requires devices with higher wattage

Higher wattage is not a necessity when it comes to MLT vaping

More wattage means bigger battery, hence bigger device size

Devices that run on MLT technique don’t need to be more prominent in size

Because the DLT method is used mainly in sub-ohm tanks, the coil has resistance less than 1 Ω

The coil of these devices operates on resistance higher than 1 Ω

Nicotine level for sub-ohm vaping or DLT is significantly less when compared to MLT devices. Same way, for sub-ohm, nicotine salt should also be less. 

Recommended = 6 mg Nicotine

Needs higher nicotine strength, 12 mg of nicotine is the recommended quantity to start with

When it comes to DLT or sub-ohm, vape juice needed to operate is comparatively more than that for MLT

Comparatively less e-juice needed to operate

Best for pro users

Suitable for entry-level users

Not so convenient to carry around everywhere

Easy to carry around in your pocket, all day, every day

DLT devices take longer to charge but last for an even longer time

MLT devices are compact, and hence their battery isn’t as long-lasting as their counterparts


Now that you know what's the fundamental difference between sub-ohm vaping, and regular vaping, you ought to understand why blokes prefer sub-ohm vaping?


Why Do Vapers Prefer Sub-Ohm Vaping?

A simple answer to the above question is because they feel like it. Jokes apart, as per the authentic vapers' POV, sub-ohm vaping has these benefits:


  • Bigger Vapour Clouds

If you find dense vape clouds lucrative, then you should try out sub-ohm vaping. And that's the #1 reason why people use sub-ohm for vaping. 


  • Smooth Vaping with Less Nicotine Levels

As nicotine level for sub-ohm vaping is marginally low, most advanced vapers prefer this method for a smoother hit.


  • More Intense Sense of Flavour

A sub-ohm vape kit will always have a greater surface area than a compact MLT device. This causes the e-liquid to heat up faster, hence producing a more intense and deeper flavour. 


  • Robust Chest Hit

Again, it's all about what feels better. Many people prefer skipping the vapour's feel in their mouth. Imagine inhaling a balloon, that's what sub-ohm vaping feels like. 


Best Device For Sub-Ohm Vaping

If you want to know which device to go for if you're going to vape using the sub-ohm method, then there are two types you can choose from - Regulated mods and Mechanical mods.


If you don't wish to learn about the Ohm's law and all things technical, then you should go for the Regulated vape mods. They are a hi-tech way to bring you the traditional experience. When you use these vape devices, you make sure that you don't have to go through the hassle of tuning the wattage and resistance. Some good options for you are - Eleaf Istick 40 W and Famovape Magma 200 W.


On the contrary, if you consider yourself a pro after reading our sub-ohm vaping guide, then you should go for Mechanical mods. These mods are great for vapers who want to customise every minute of their vaping experience. Looking for an excellent Mechanical mod, go for this one - ACROHM Fush Semi-Mech Mod.


Perfect E-Juice For Sub-Ohm Vaping

Your sub-ohming passion shouldn't stop at your vaping device or tank. It should grow much more, and you should be caring about your e-liquid.


What's the best e-liquid for sub-ohm vaping? Your answer is - vaping juice that has a higher content (more than or equal to 70%) of vegetable glycerin—VG. VG rich e-juice aids the formation of massive clouds. When it comes to sub-ohms, nicotine salts and their level should also be low in e-liquids. Try Blackcurrant Lemonade by Vintage Vape and Black Reloaded Shortfill by Zeus Juice for the best sub-ohm vaping experience.


Is It Safe To Use Sub-Ohm Vapes?

Majority of the public don’t know about vaping, let alone sub-ohm vaping. They think that sub-ohm vaping is rocket science, and might go south and rain on their parade. Well, you need not worry, because sub-ohm devices are safe to use. If you’re procrastinating about them blasting right in your hands, then you might be wrong. Well, technically you’re not, but any devices that run on a battery can cause severe damage if used roughly and extensively. 


Still, after this minimal risk that comes with all devices that run on battery, you can simmer down all sorts of threats by making your purchase with a reputed vendor who focuses on user-first policy. Make sure your mods are made with precision and emphasise on all-round safety. 



Before summarising the post, we hope that you’ve fully understood the sub-ohm vaping for beginners, and you can answer the question “is sub-ohm vaping safe?” with a yes. Now you know that sub-ohm vaping comes with a plethora of benefits and who’s the winner when it comes to sub-ohm vs. normal vaping. So what are you waiting for? Order your first sub-ohm vape kit and get the party started…!!