What is a Vape Mod? Everything You Need to Know About Vape Mods

Vape mode

hange is the only constant.

The vaping industry took this quote a bit seriously. Maybe, that's why we all are witnessing so many changes when it comes to vaping and its accessories. The e-smoking started with traditional, sometimes rechargeable e-cigarettes. Then, came the vape pen or vape devices, and now, we have the vape mods.

What is a vape mod? What is a good vape mod? Are you also asking all these questions to yourself? If that was a yes that we heard, then you're at the right place. Here's everything a vape mod that you can know…

What is a Vape Mod?

vape mode

A vape mod is a device best used with e-liquids and e-juices. Vape mods are bigger than e-cigarettes. The primary function of a vape mod is to create more and more smoke clouds. The design of vape mods and vape pen might be somewhat relevant, but the functionality isn't.

Some of the advanced features of vape mods over vape pens are:

  • Bigger battery size and capacity.
  • Improved capacity to hold more e-liquid.
  • Robust heating mechanism. 
  • Vape pens are recommended for users who are new to the concept of vaping. While vape mods are for the advanced e-smokers. 

What Are The Type Of Vape Mods Available In The Market?

Looking at the dynamic scene of the vaping market, we can make out that there might be a plethora of vape mods available in the market - the most powerful vape mods, or the ones that make the largest smoke cloud, or vape mod for beginners, and so on. If you don't want to carry around bulky batteries for your vape mod, you can even choose a vape mod with an internal battery. Here's a formal introduction about all of them:

  • Mech Mods

For starters, Mech is short for Mechanical, and Mech Mods are Mechanical Mods. Now, you might think what a mechanical vape mod is. Housing unit that holds a battery and rebuildable drip atomiser (RDA) makes up a mechanical mod. This type of mods has two caps in them - one at the bottom, one at their top. The top one is a positive side, and the bottom is the negative one. To make these types of vape mods operational, you'll have to use a fire button, present at the bottom of the device. 

  • Squonk Mods

Before we tell you about squonk mods, and you think if it's the best way to vape, you should know what 'squonking' means? Squonking literally means dripping an e-juice into the atomiser. Now, when we talk about dripping manually, you may have to drip the e-liquid in your atomiser every few minutes, and this will take all the fun out of vaping. That's why nowadays squonking has been made easier with the introduction of squonk bottles. Although these bottles don't come with pre-filled e-juice, you'll have to fill them manually. 

Now, whenever you feel like vaping with a squonk mod, you'll have to squeeze the squonk bottle present in the vape mod. There are also some top-quality squonk mods friendly RDAs available in the market. 

  • Regulated Mods

For those of you who are still searching the internet for what is a regulated mod, we've made your task easy. As the name suggests, regulated vape mods are the mods that are always regulating your battery's safety. Usually, regulated vape mods are box mods. When your battery's too low, a regulated vape mod won't allow the vaper to continue vaping. For those who fancy a regulated hit every time, regulated vape mods serve their purpose. Every time the user presses the fire button, a fixed wattage (mostly 25 watts) is released to give an even hit. 

  • Unregulated Mods

Before you come to a verdict for which vape mod is the best vape mod for you, don't forget to know about unregulated vape mods. As the name suggests, these vape mods aren't regulating every hit users take. Generally, mech mods are unregulated mods. These aren't the safest options available in the market for people who are searching for vape mod for beginners. 

Components of a Basic Vape Mod

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Here's what a vape mod is made up of:

  • A hard case to house the powerhouse of the mod - battery. 
  • The powerhouse itself, battery.
  • Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser, to heat things up…!! 
  • E-liquid Tank to hold all the juice.
  • Mouthpiece where the smoke cloud is accumulated for you to inhale. 
  • Wick (cotton) or rope (ekowool & silica).

How Exactly To Use A Vape Mod?

How excatly to use vape mode

So you have purchased one of the best new vape mods available in the market, and the vape mod with magnetic battery cover is the new eye-candy for you, but how to use a vape mod? Here's how…

  • 1..2..3… Da-dumm… Prepare Your Vape Mod For Vaping…!! 

Unbox the device and place it on a flat table, make sure it's set the sunny side up. 

  • Drip-drip…. Fill Up The Pod With E-liquid

Initially, you'll have to make out where the filling cavity of your pod is. Generally, the filling cavity is either at the top or at the sides of a pod. You can skip this hassle if you clearly read the instructions written on the packaging box. Once you find the cavity, fill in the e-juice, and close the cap. Ensure not to overfill the tank/pod. 

  • Rest it a bit… Prime The Pod & Coil

So you have one of the best vape mods the UK ever produced along with a quality vape mod kit, and you can't wait to blow up a giant smoke cloud, but you'll have to wait. This wait will definitely pay off. Let your tank with the e-juice rest a bit. In this resting period, the e-juice will prime the pod and the cotton or silica or ekowool coil quite good to give you a smoother hit.

All this wait was to eliminate even the slightest chance of that dry hit. 

  • To do or not to do, that is the question? Manual/Automatic Power Settings

Now, some mods come with settings that let you change the power input, and some mods don't come with this particular feature. Now, if you have a screen over your vape mod along with controls, you can control the power. This is perfect for advanced users. You'll have to set the wattage as per your soothing. 

If your vape mod doesn't have a screen as well as control buttons, you don't have any option to manualise the process. You'll have to go with the flow. 

  • Inhale… Exhale… Nirvana…!! 

Hmm, so you know everything about a vape mod, and you also know how to use a vape mod, so what are you waiting for? Put the mouthpiece to your lips, and inhale. While inhaling, push the fire button, and feel the vapour fill all your insides. Congrats bloke…!! You're a pro vaper now…!! 


This post was all there is to know about a vape mod. We hope it cleared all your questions ranging from ‘what is a vape mod’ to ‘how to use a vape mod’. Now that you have all your answers, why are you still at the fence? Purchase the best vape mods online, and start your vaping journey today…!!