Vaping vs Smoking Cost in UK: Which one is Cheaper?


So you have gone through our posts that tell you about different styles of vaping, how vaping is better than smoking, and how much nicotine strength you need while you vape. And now, you are more than ready to take the leap of faith, make the switch from smoking to vaping. This article is all about Vaping vs Smoking cost in the UK. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to answer “is vaping cheaper than smoking”, and “how much does vaping cost in the UK”.

The Cost Of Smoking: On Your Pocket


If you are aware of cigarette prices in the UK, you might know that the cigarette prices had gone up since March 2020, when the tax over tobacco was increased in the UK. Analysts believe that one pack of cigarettes would cost anywhere between £12.50 to £13.

For an average smoker who smokes a pack of cigarettes every day, you’ll have to multiply £12.50 with 365, and you’ll get £4562.5. Whoa…!! That’s a whopping cost. You can go on a month-long vacation with that money.

So if you are an average smoker, now you know how much is a pack of cigarettes in the UK worth it? And this is only the cost of smoking on financial grounds. Let’s talk about the medical front here.

The Cost Of Smoking: On Your Health


Do we need to go lengths on how much damage does smoking cause to your health? We think not.

But for the sake of a nerd in you, here’s what smoking does to your health:

A British study shows that over half of the lifelong smokers die of their excessive smoking habit. That’s the cost of smoking too much - death…!!

Although not all smokers die a painful death, some also suffer from chronic diseases like lung cancer and obstructive lung disease.

Cost Of Smoking: On People Around You


You should know that people not only inflict damage upon themselves when they smoke, but they also cause harm to people near them. 

An Italian study suggests that thirdhand smoke does inflict as much harm as a firsthand contact with a cigarette’s smoke. And maybe that’s why Wales have already banned public smoking across its geography. 

Vaping For Your Health


As per a research report by NHS, vaping is 95% safer than smoking, and that’s the reason why you should consider vaping over smoking.

Apart from the minimal effects of vaping over your health, it’s also known by people that it helps you quit smoking too. Try out MTL vape tanks if you plan to quit smoking, they give you just the feel of smoking a cigarette. Also, you should check out our post on nicotine strength for vaping e-liquids, to help you find the best nicotine for your MTL vape tanks.

Vaping & Your Bank Balance

For novice vapers, who use MTL vaping to mimic a cigarette’s feel, it costs between £15 to £25 for a starter vape kit. How long this kit lasts, depends from user to user, and how frequently they use it. This vaping cost compared to cigarettes is considerably lower.

Even if we combine the cost of e-liquid, vape coils, and all other things that a pro vaper might need, everything adds up to a maximum of £50 per month, and £600 per year. This amount is surprisingly lower than the amount for one pack of cigarettes a day, for an entire year. 

Are you still thinking about making the switch? Do it already…!!

Vaping & Environment

We are still waiting for sound research that advocates vaping or smoking over the other one when it comes to environmental damage. But one thing’s for sure, that vaping doesn’t harm the health of those around you by the phenomenon of thirdhand smoke.

Bottom Line: What’s Your Call? And, Some Great Vape Recommendations

So now you know the full cost of smoking as well as vaping cost compared to cigarettes on all levels - financial, medical, and environmental. It’s up to you to decide between one. Until you decide on what’s cheaper, here are the best vape recommendations available on McVape.

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