Travelling Abroad With Your Vaping Device? Read this First

Vaping is increasingly popular worldwide. Market research data estimates that adult vaping will reach 55 million by 2021. As awareness regarding vaping is expanding and supplies readily available in many places, most people do not want to part with their habits even while travelling. 


Travelling is gearing up post-Covid. But while wearing masks and using sanitisers have become a new usual, people who vapes have their concerns. At present, is it possible to travel with vapes? Are there any changes to vaping rules? Can you carry your e-cigarettes without the risk of confiscation and penalties? This article will help you to know all about hassle-free vaping while you move around.


Carrying Vapes Abroad

Although the airline rules have gotten strict after lockdowns, you can easily travel with your device if you follow definite rules and regulations. The vaping guide in the UK made the rules quite clear to their travellers.


Security Check

The right packing is key to a smooth security check. Ensure you follow all the packing guidelines to avoid any spillage or damage. Here are a few tips to help you through. 


Packaging Tips

Careful packing is one of the most vital parts of your journey with vape equipment.

  1. A dedicated case is the best protection you can provide to your device. In case you don’t have a casing, wrap your pods, mods, tanks, or any other parts of the device in a soft cloth or bubbles. 
  2. Disconnect the tanks and carry them in the hand luggage.
  3. The lithium batteries have an increased risk of fire. Detach the batteries from devices to pack in protective containers.
  4. Seal the terminal of batteries with tapes to prevent any short-circuiting. It’s better to bring new packed batteries.
  5. At most, you can travel with two batteries that must have a rating of not more than 160 Wh.
  6. You can keep all your gears in the waterproof pouches to protect them, especially if you’re visiting damp areas, like beaches.
  7. For e-liquid, the carrying capacity of any container should not be more than 100ml. As per the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), like other liquids, you have to place the e-juices inside a transparent plastic pouch.


Before starting from home, charge your mods and batteries. You can also use the charging points at the airport but, must remember, charging your device is strictly forbidden when you board the flight.


Know Airport Vaping Rules

Airport vaping rules change from one place to another. You must know about the regulations of every destination or layovers before commencing your journey. Keep in mind that only those airports allow vaping where smoking is permitted. For instance, in the UK, using e-cigarettes is prohibited in many airports.


Since 2013, Heathrow airport started allowing people to vape in a designated area. Birmingham, Bristol, Gatwick, Stansted, and Manchester are the few airports that followed the pattern and allowed vaping likewise. All these airports have specific spaces for vaping that is usually situated outside the terminal building. It means you can not vape once you cross the security control.


For any other country, it is not as simple as vaping in the UK. Be sure to check the airport rules that are mentioned on the various third-party websites. This information will let you track smoking spaces across several airports and help plan accordingly.



Using Vape - Inside The Airplane

Transporting vapes on flights are almost similar across the world. While all airlines permit you to bring equipment, vaping is strictly forbidden on board. Some flights, like British Airways, sell e-cigs in flight but using them inside is not allowed. An exceptional case is Ryanair that permits the purchase and use of their exclusive smokeless e-cigs in-flight. For the rest of the flights, the answer to vaping is negative. If you are confused about the laws, check with the airlines prior to booking.


Familiarise with the International Laws

You have to be sure about the International Vaping Guide associated with the country you are planning to visit. In many parts of the world, you might travel with vapes, but there are a lot of exceptions as well.



  • Places that Permit Vaping


Before travelling abroad, get detailed information about the legalities involved with vaping. In some nations, including Austria, Canada, China, France, and Germany, vaping is legal. However, there can be restrictions on where you can vape, such as public places.



  • Nations where Vaping is Non-permissible


There are countries where vaping is illegal, and carrying vaping gear can ask for a hefty fine or even serving a jail term. Some of these include:



Saudi Arabia






  • Places that Restrict Vaping 


While in a few countries there’s no ban on vaping, but there are restrictions related to use and sales. For instance, Australia, Denmark, Japan, and Norway are the nations that do legalise vaping, but you may have trouble finding nicotine-based vape juices.


As vaping laws are continuously changing, it is better to check for the respective rules.



For convenient travel with your e-cigs or vaping device, follow the rules regarding the same. Vaping is not common in all nations as in the UK. So, before blowing clouds in public, remember to show basic courtesy and modesty.


Also, keep in mind rules are subject to change regarding vaping. Check all the regulations regarding the same to avoid any trouble in foreign lands. Ultimately, what matters most is the hassle-free journey without compromising on your daily rituals.