Rapid Decrease in the Number of Smokers vs Vapours

Rapid Decrease in the Number of Smokers vs Vapours:

A new NHS survey has found that the number of young smokers and Vapers are at a steady decline. With these numbers dwindling steadily, the use of e-cigarettes also remains relatively low. While the numbers of vapers were on a steady rise between 2014 and 2016 among 11 to 15 years old, the numbers have started to decline after that. In fact, According to a survey performed in 2018, only 5% of school pupils reported smoking, which is quite a steady decrease from 22%, which was the number 13 years back.

Not only does it apply for smoking, even the rate of alcohol users are declining in this age group, though not as strong as the decline in the number of cigarettes smokers. Compared to a record made in 1996, the number of pupils who had tried alcohol was 62%, and by 2014, this number has come down to 44%. The number had declined from 1996 and then reached a plateau stage.

Against popular belief, best e-liquids shop UK, e-cigarettes don't make pupils want to smoke more. A study by Cardiff University has actually found the opposite of this to be true.