How to Choose the Right Nicotine Strength for Your E-Liquid?

Right Ncotine

Are you new to vaping? Most probably, it’s the case that you’ve got tired from deciding so many minute settings before vaping like setting up the resistance, temperature, e-liquid, and whatnot. One such area of concern for all the new vapers is the “Nicotine Strength” of their vape juice.

If you are searching for terms like “what strength nicotine e-liquid should I use?” then this article is definitely for you. Read on…

What is Nicotine?

Before we start talking about nicotine level in cigarettes and other vaping devices, you ought to know what nicotine is. For starters, nicotine is a stimulant and is found in almost all things tobacco.


The foremost thing it stimulates is your brain. Although, you should know that even if it’s a stimulant, consuming it in excessive doses can be harmful to the nerve cells. If we talk about its chemical makeup, it contains nitrogen in it.


Plants like coffee also have nitrogen making them somewhat similar to nicotine. Just like coffee, nicotine also takes its time to show its effects on the body. In this way, vaping is very much diverse from traditional smoking with a cigarette.

How Much Nicotine is in a Normal Cigarette?

If you want to know how much nicotine is in one cigarette, then there’s no fixed answer to that. Roughly putting, one cigarette has an approximate value of 10 to 12 mg in terms of nicotine.


However, the human body doesn’t consume every milligram of nicotine from the cigarette. The result is only about 1 milligram of the total nicotine present in a cigarette


Why so? The rest of the nicotine is exhaled out while smoking, and hence the body doesn’t absorb it. Now, depending upon how often one smokes, a person can find out how much nicotine they intake every day.

Why are we grouping cigarettes and nicotine in e-liquids together?

Here’s why…


The vaping e-liquids often come without nicotine, but we can add nicotine into them if we want to. This nicotine can help you switch to vaping from smoking, giving you the same stimulation in vaping that a traditional cigarette can offer. So…


What’s the Difference Between Smoking & Vaping?

The most fundamental difference between vaping and smoking is that of how each process treats its essence.


While smoking, we are burning tobacco; hence we get the direct hit of nicotine in our system. On the contrary to that, when we talk of vaping, we are heating the e-juice to produce the vapour and then inhale it. Also, you can customise the e-juice in vaping to contain or not to contain nicotine in it. 


Apart from that, you can choose from a plethora of flavours to maximise your experience while vaping. But this facility doesn’t come handy while smoking cigarettes.


The deal sealer on the “Vaping vs Smoking” is the upper hand that vaping has over traditional smoking when it comes to carcinogens. People consider e-cig vapours to carry up to 95% fewer carcinogens than what cigarette smoke carries.


That’s the reason why nowadays, people list vaping ahead of smoking when it comes to recreational nicotine intake. Now that you know about nicotine in e-liquids, you should also know about…


How are Nicotine Levels Measured in e-Liquids?

Percentage format is used to measure the nicotine present in e-liquids. The percentage written on the bottles indicates the percentage of nicotine used in the particular e-liquid. 


Commonly, you will see e-liquid labelled with their nicotine level in percentages like 0.6%, 1.8% etcetera. Now, if you want to understand nicotine levels in a simpler way other than the percentage, then another method is to calculate it in milligrams.

With this, you shouldn’t forget that even if the nicotine is measured in milligrams, the e-liquid will always be measured in millilitres. Missing your science lectures already?

How to calculate nicotine levels in milligrams?

It’s pretty simple - 1.2% nicotine level on a label means that the e-liquid has 12 milligrams of nicotine in per 1 mL, and so on. So what does that mean? For instance, if you are about to fill your e-juice tank with 5 mL vape juice, that has 12 mg/mL nicotine, then you’ll have 60 mg (12*5=60) of nicotine in your vape tank.


Now that you know how to calculate nicotine in mg/mL, you should also introduce yourself to the percentage calculation. 


While the mg/mL depicts the milligram of nicotine in per mL of e-juice, the percentage depicts the volume of nicotine in the total volume of an e-liquid. For instance, if you have a bottle with a label of 1.8% nicotine over it, it means the full bottle content or any particular amount you take from it would have 1.8% nicotine, and the rest 98.2% is vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavourings.


Now, converting mg/mL into percentage is quite simple, please take note:


If we were to convert a nicotine strength of 12 mg/mL into a percentage, we’d just have to divide 12 with 10. That gives us a solid 1.2% nicotine by volume. 


For vice versa calculation, you should multiply the percentage count with 10 to know the presence of nicotine on mg/1mL basis. 


You have understood the concept of weighing the nicotine levels in an e-liquid, you should also know about what’s right for you to answer the question - “how much nicotine do I put in e-juice to make the experience worth it?”


Which Nicotine Strength is Right for Me?

The internet is filled with queries like “what strength nicotine e-liquid should I use?” “what’s the best nicotine configuration for me?”, and the list goes on and on. But the answers to these questions vary significantly from person to person.


You could be a social smoker or a hobbyist who smokes only once in a while. Or you could be a chain-smoker.


Broadly, the vaping e-juice market has these strengths to offer - 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, and 24 mg. Here’s how each type of strength will be good for different people.

0 Milligram Nicotine

3 Milligram Nicotine

6 Milligram Nicotine 

12 Milligram Nicotine 

18 & 24 Milligram Nicotine 

No nicotine

Lowest available nicotine strength in e-liquids

It's somewhere in the middle of almost negligible nicotine but with a hit of the aftereffects

This variant has enough nicotine to prevent people from craving a cigarette

These two variants are grouped together because of their highest nicotine level in vape juice

Perfect for social smokers

Suitable for light smokers who are limited to very fewer cigarettes every day

Better option for people who smoke about 8-10 cigarettes a day

Know anyone who empties a packet in a day? Suggest this variant to them

They are recommended for people who are used to smoking more than one and a half packets a day

Some Good Vape Juice Recommendations

We have different recommendations for every type of vaper who’s reading this:





We hope that you got the swing of things about what nicotine actually is and how to assess it for your vape juice? Now, you also know if or not you need it for your e-liquid. Or how much nicotine is sufficient for you? Or if you should get a high nicotine e-liquid.


So are you too thinking about switching from smoking to vaping now? We hope you got everything about nicotine here. See you in the next post…!!

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