Different Types of E-Cigarettes Available Online

Are you also boggling your mind over what an e-cigarette is or you are a beginner with vaping and want to know what all different types of e-cigarettes are available on the market? Well, don’t worry, every pro vaper was once a noob and was trying to find answers to a hundred different questions about vaping.

By the end of this post, you’ll have answers to these questions:

  • What is an e-cigarette?
  • How many types of e-cigarettes are there on the market?
  • Which e-cigarette is best for you?
  • Are e-cigarettes safe to use?

Let’s take up the first question, and clarify what an e-cigarette is.

What is an e-cigarette?

Unlike a traditional tobacco cigarette, e-cigarettes, as their name suggests, are battery-powered. They could be vaporisers or even normal electronic cigalikes.

Another unique thing about vapes and e-cigarettes is that they have nothing to do with tobacco, lighters, or even ash. These electronic vaporisers use a cartridge or a refillable tank filled with e-juice.

Optionally, you can also add nicotine to your e-liquid that comes with various flavourings. Broadly, e-liquids consist of two main ingredients - vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Read more about e-liquids and nicotine strength on our blog.

How many types of E-cigarettes are there?

There are literally a host of e-cigarettes available online, the list could go on and on. Still, we will be concisely mentioning every type of e-cigarette or vapes one could find.

  • Cigalike E-cigarettes

As the name reveals, these are very much similar in design to conventional cigarettes. The whole purpose of these cigarettes is to imitate the overall feel of a traditional cigarette.

Another good thing about these is that they also give you a ‘throat hit’ similar to a conventional cigarette. Although you get the throat hit, that doesn’t come with the harmful carcinogens that are abundantly present in cigarette smoke.

Cigalikes have a battery that may be rechargeable and refills or cartridges that contain all the flavour.

The battery is not so robust and lasts a few hours if used regularly during the day.

Some generous cigalike makers also place a light at the end of the cigarette for it to imitate a real tobacco cigarette.

There are both disposable as well as rechargeable cigalikes available in the market.

  • Traditional Vape Kits or MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) Vape Kits

If you couldn’t recognise these devices from the name in the heading, try to remember it by reading these names - vape pens, vapes, etc.

These devices come with a more robust battery than that of a cigalike. This means that the vapour created from this device will be denser. Also, the battery lasts longer than a cigalike.

Their vape tank is also refillable with different types of e-liquids. This gets fixed on to the main battery, and the battery heats up the coil to produce vapour.

These devices are great for users who love subtle vapour production and who are fans of flavours, as there is a wide array of e-liquid flavours available for these devices when compared to routine cigalikes.

Pod Mods, Squonk mods and other vape pen devices are a good example of MTL vape kits.

  • Sub-Ohm Vape Kits or DTL (Direct-to-Lung) Vape Kits

These sub-ohm kits are direct-to-lung vape kits and are a whole lot more advanced than our former two listings in the article.

Resembling the classic MTL vape kits, these vape kits also have a rechargeable battery and a tank that can be filled with e-liquid.

Sub-ohm as the name suggests use resistance less than one ohm and because of the powerful battery they possess, they are loved by cloud chasers.

You have to adjust the device as per your preference on fronts of wattage and voltage as well to produce the right kind of vapour.

Mechanical mods, Semi-mechanical mods and regulated mods are an integral part of the DTL family.

Read more about sub-ohm vaping on our dedicated blog post.

Which E-cigarette is Best for you?

So now you know the different types of e-cigarettes available on the market, but which one is best for you?

Well, it all depends on what type of vaper are you?

Suppose you are a cigarette smoker and want to move towards vaping. In that case, cigalikes are a perfect product to start your vaping journey. These cigalikes will give you the closest feeling of smoking a cigarette. Along with that, they are also easy to use as well as cheap.

If you are a level above from a traditional cigarette smoker, then the classic vapes are the best choice you have. They are more advanced than a cigalike, and easier to operate than a DTL vape pen. Also, if you are a heavy smoker, their long-lasting battery will come in handy for you.

Now, if you are an advanced vaper, don’t even try to go for the above two options. We know that you love smoke clouds and the smooth hit that comes with it.

Choose sub-ohm vaping, if you love to play around with different wattage, voltage, and resistance.

Are E-cigarettes Safe to use?

Well, it all depends on what quality of e-cigarettes you use. If you are buying your supplies from sub-standard sellers, you are vulnerable.

Choose to buy your vaping devices from premium sellers like www.mcvape.co.uk and shield yourself against the risk of sub-standard vape products.


This article was all about the different types of e-cigarettes available on the market, and which one you should be using. Check out a vast range of e-cigarettes available on our online store and order the most suitable vaping kit for you. Which e-cigarette are you utilising today?