Decoding Vape Glossary for the Vaping Newbies

Are you new to vaping and boggling your mind with absolutely new terms? Are you struggling to walk and talk along with your friends openly about vaping because you might say the wrong vaping term?


Well, you need not worry because this article has the sole purpose of decoding the whole vaping glossary, so you can feel more comfortable while talking about vaping in public.


Here are some of the most basic vaping glossaries you should be familiar about. Go through all of them to not feel left out.


Vaping Terms You Need To Know, Right Now…!!


APV (Advanced Personal Vapouriser) - These are also called vape mods, or advanced e-cigarettes. They come with batteries bigger in size than the general ones. Another plus point of having these is that you can change the voltage or wattage as per your preference.


Atomiser - The electronically thermal component in the vape devices that turn the e-juice into vapour.


All Day Vape (ADV) - This term is used to signal the fact that a particular vape juice is so good that one can vape it all day long, without exhaustion. 


Airflow - The volume of air trapped inside an atomiser is called the airflow of a vape device. If the airflow is plenty, then a nice cloud can be formed. On the contrary, if you keep the airflow tight, you can experience a more intense flavour. 


Ass Juice - A slang term for a horribly tasting e-juice for an e-cigarette.


Breathing - To produce a better taste, e-liquids are left uncovered in the air, so the alcoholic content in them dries out. The process is termed as ‘breathing’.


Cartomiser - A duo of cartridge and atomiser is the cartomiser. It has the tank and the heating coil. Also, they are purely disposable for better usability.


Cartridge - This holds the e-juice for the vaping kit. The battery is attached to this same cartridge.


Cigalike - If one were speaking slang language, they would call an electronic cigarette by this name. Cigalikes come handy for most of the users who are just starting to vape.


Cloud Chasing - When an e-smoker tries to make the biggest of vape clouds while vaping, it is called cloud chasing. Many vaping enthusiasts gather up and host a competition that crowns the #1 cloud chaser in the community.


Coil - It's a metal wire that's a part of the circuit in a vaping device. The coil heats up the e-liquid and produces the vapour essential for every cloud chaser out there.


Disposable - As the name suggests, this type of e-cigarette is disposable. These are not refillable and just 'use and throw' type.


Drip Tip - This is an accessory for the vaper's mouthpiece. With a Drip Tip, the e-liquid directly drops over the atomiser, creating a better flavour.


Dry Hit - If you want to burn all the impurities in your atomiser, you'll have to fire it without any e-liquid. This is called a Dry Hit.


Dragon Coil - This is a coil that comes into existence when the wick is wrapped on to it. It's an upgraded coil for better cloud chasing, even with the restricted airflow. 


E-NIC - Synonym for the e-cigarettes.


E-Juice - Slang for the e-liquid that's used in vaping.


Flooding - Do you often hear a gurgling noise coming out from your vape pen? That's probably because you have 'flooded' your vape device. It's slang for overfilling.


Formaldehyde - When people vape at high temperature for too long, Formaldehyde is a carcinogen that appears in the vapour. If it's vaped frequently, it can be too dangerous for your health.


GRAS - It's a shorthand for Generally Recognised As Safe. The FDA uses the term to categorise the vaping devices in the UK that are safe to use.


Glassomiser - As the name suggests, a clearomiser that's made up of glass instead of plastic.


HV (High Voltage) - A vaping device or a vape pen that is functional on a range that's more than 3.7 Volts.


Heat Sink - Layers projecting out from an atomiser or a vaping device to disperse the extra heat that builds up in the device.


ICR - It's a term for the battery of vape devices that are made from Lithium. I = Ion; C = Cobalt; R = Rechargeable. 


IMR - This is also a term for the vape battery, made up of Lithium. I = Ion; M = Manganese; B = Battery.


Juice - Just another term for e-liquid.


Kick - "Does this vape give you a good kick?" Kick is used as slang instead of a throat hit. 


Leaking - As the name suggests, this is a term that's used to describe the situation when the e-liquid is leaking/coming out of the vape tanks, atomisers, or cartomiser. If the e-liquid accidentally goes into the battery, the batteries might stop functioning.


Li-Po - Batteries that are reusable and are made of Lithium and Polymer.


mA (milli-Ampere) - This denotes the charges of a vaping device. For the nerds, it's 1/1000th of an Ampere (unit of current).


Manual - The names make everything clear. This is a type of e-cigarette that has a button. Without pressing that button, the vapour will not be produced. 


Mechanical Mods - These are vape mods that don't have any regulatory wires. These are completely manual.


Milligram Strength - This is used to analyse the strength of an e-liquid in terms of nicotine. The MG strength denotes how much of nicotine (in mg) is present in 1 mL of an e-liquid.


Mouthpiece - The tip of any vaping device that touches the mouth of any user. Through the mouthpiece only, people inhale the vapour.


Nicotine Level - The name makes it pretty clear, this means the amount of nicotine in any e-juice.


NRT - It's a shorthand for 'Nicotine Replace Therapy'.


Noob - Are you a Noob in vaping? This term is used to signalise that someone is a newbie in doing something. They are in the beginner's phase.


Ohm - This is the standard unit for resistance. Ohm reading is inversely proportional to the temperature of the vapour from a vaping device in the UK.


Priming - To saturate the wick of a vaping device, a couple of drops of the primer are poured in the atomiser and kept inside it for a good while.


Primer - This is used for priming the atomisers or cartomisers. It's an e-liquid that's often based on Vegetable Glycerin. 


Rebuildables - These are tanks or atomisers that are rebuildable on the fronts of their wicks and coils. With these types of devices, vapers can adjust the wattage, voltage, etc.


Ribbon - A flat resistance wire, rather than being rounded. This provides more surface area. This lets the device conduct more heat flow to the e-liquid. Pro vapers believe that the ribbon provides better hit than what a round wire provides.


Smart Chip - It's a chip present in the advanced vaping device to make them function seamlessly.


Smoke Juice - Alternatively, you can call an e-liquid by the name of smoke juice; only to feel cooler.


Sub-ohm Vaping (Sub Ohming) - Cloud chasers use this technique to produce large vape clouds. They use coils that have their ohms rating below 1 ohm.


Sweet Spot - When a vaper succeeds after extensive hit and trial method on fronts of finding the best resistance, e-juice, and MG strength. The amalgamation of all these perfect settings is called the 'Sweet Spot'.


Throat Hit - The feeling when you inhale from a vape pen and the vapour hits your throat, this is called the throat hit.


Toot - When you draw from an e-cig, then we'll say that you have taken a toot.


Vape Safe - Reflective to its name, it is a fuse used in mechanical mods for a shield against short-circuiting.


Vaper's Tongue - When someone vapes for 'too long' their tongue starts to feel a tickling sensation, this is called vaper's tongue.


Wick - It absorbs the e-liquid from the tank to transport it to the heated coil for producing vapour.



Well, now you can call yourself a vaping genius. You've got your degree from the School of McVape. Now, you can easily flaunt your vaping knowledge among your friends and can be a master of vaping jargons yourself.