Best Vape Juices of Different Brands and Flavours of 2020

Best Vape Juices of Different Brands and Flavours of 2020


The vaping industry witnessed tremendous growth and innovation over the last decade and a half. This phenomenon has, most importantly, catapulted the e-juice industry to previously unprecedented heights. With increased vape platform technologies, the expectations for what the connoisseurs demand from their liquid concoctions came dramatically up. To that end, top-level competitors have stepped up to the plate, producing the best e-juice brands and flavors ever seen by enthusiasts on the market.


How to Choose the best vape juice flavors?


The ultimate goal when spending money on anything is to be more than satisfied with your investment. It's no different buying the best vape juice. You should always be more than satisfied with the best tasting vape juice and the feeling that it can offer. After all, the flavor is paramount to your vaping enjoyment, but quality and price are equally important too. That's why knowing the best place to buy vape juice online is really important and that the service that mixes the vape juice is a reliable one. This guarantees you will vape raw flavor extracts of high quality, nicotine in its purest form and the juice will have the suitable VG / PG ratios to keep your vaping experience compatible.


Since years, the e-liquid industry has introduced a deluge of fantastic quality e-juices and e-liquids to the vape market with the best vape juice flavors. 2019 was no different and we were just excited to sample so many new fresh vape juices. But with so many awesome best vape juice flavors and insane creative names out there, choosing what vape juice to pick for your next all day vape can be a big challenge. That's why we've put together a vape juice list for you based on the best vape juice brands that we and our customers have enjoyed over the past year to help you decide what you might want to vape in 2020.


Best Vape Juices of Different Brands and Flavours


  1. Everest by Polar Fruits - McVape - Icy Mango & Blackcurrant

Icy Mango

Evert by Polar Fruits Icy Mango & Blackcurrant reaches the ranks of best vape juice flavors that take common tastes and turns into sumptuous vapour. This e-juice’s key flavour profile contains Icy mango and juicy blackcurrants flavor which all combine to offer users an amazing vaping experience. The flavor of the blackcurrant hits immediately as the mouth is filled with the sugary cloud. Then the mango flavor keeps adding a subtle tangy sweetness. The e-juice comes in a single bottle of 120ml with 100ml of flavoured nicotine free eLiquid and two 10ml bottles Nicotine Shot. You'll then have to force the nicotine shot straight into the bottle to make 3 mg. Just unwrap the cap, then add the nicotine shot and tighten the cap back on.


  1. Choco Strawberry Pudding by Smashed It Eliquids - McVape

choco strawberry

Get the best experience with this sweet, fluffy chocolate and fruity strawberry perfect match. The strawberry and chocolate go beautifully together and let me tell you, this is great. Our gourmet takes on a sensationally delicious blend of flavors, chocolate e-liquid absorbs the rich flavor of dark chocolate mixed with fruity strawberry extracts. Who doesn't love the smooth and fruity taste of fresh strawberries soaked in a bar of deep, rich chocolate? This combination of chocolate and strawberries has the ideal fruit to chocolate ratio both of which makes a delightful e - juice outstanding. On the inhalation, you get the warm, milky-ness from the chocolate and on the exhale, the smooth soothing strawberry.

  1. Grape by V4Pour Eliquids - McVape

grape by vapour

Grape from V4 V4POUR delivers a gentle fruity taste that isn't overbearing to vape at all. While each fruit has its peculiar and glorious features, there is something extraordinary about the capacity of the grape to articulate the nature of the soil in which it is grown. Grape by V4 V4POUR, created with that fact as its inspiration, is an e-liquid for true grape lovers. Upon inhalation, you will note soft tones of white sugar grapes, while on exhale the darker and more sour flavor of the richer purple grape comes to the fore. Grape from V4 V4POUR is a blend of 40% Vegetable Glycerine (VG) 60% Propylene Glycol (PG) which is appropriate for kits or sub-ohm tanks on the pod system.


  1. Berry Heaven by Billionaire Juice - McVape

berry heaven

Billionaire Juice Berry Heaven is a juicy berry combination of fresh, sweet, inhaled Strawberries and Blackberries, complemented by an exhaled burst of tart Raspberries. Supplied in 60ml Shortfill bottles with 50ml of 0mg E-Liquid, leaving enough space to add a 10ml Nicotine Shot. The Billionaire variation offers various premium, fruit, berry, citrus and ice blends for sub-ohm vaping using high wattage mods, tanks and kits in high 70 per cent VG formulations. Free base nicotine could be quite tough on the throat and can cause some vapers discomfort. Nic salts are absorbed much quicker in the body than the regular E liquid, thereby delivering a far quicker hit to hold your nicotine cravings at bay.


  1. Passion Fruit Cider by Frukt Eliquids - McVape

passion fruit

Sweet and luscious Passionfruit e-juice by Frukt Cider is filled with the tangy taste of ripe passion fruits, lovingly squeezed down to their very last drop of juicy delight. The exhale is glazed with the sparkling sensation of sweet apple cider and adds a pure refreshment shot to this terrifyingly tart summer mist. 


  1. Matata Iced by 12 Monkey Eliquids - McVape

matata iced

Twelve Monkeys' Matata Iced short fill e-liquid is a sour fruit mix with a refrigerating shake. The crisp green apple flavor is present throughout with bitter grape hints and an icy mint to finish for a pleasant vapour. Matata Iced is accessible for a 10ml nicotine shot of your choosing as a 50ml shortfill with scope for. The addition of an 18 mg, 10ml nic shot, for example, would produce 60ml of 3 mg e-liquid. 


This e-liquid contains a 75% VG mix, perfect when used with a sub ohm tank or package to create clouds and deep flavour.


  1. Menthol Molotov by Riot Squad - McVape

menthod molotov

Riot Squad's Menthol Molotov short fill e-liquid is a fruit mix with a chilled aftertaste in it. For an icy afterbite, a medley of tropical fruit on inhalation is complemented by a fragrant and cooling menthol flavor. Menthol Molotov short-fill e-liquid with room for a 10ml nicotine booster shot is available in 50ml short fill bottles.


  1. Lemon Tart Nic Salts By Dinner Lady's - McVape

lemo tart

Dinner Lady's Lemon Tart e-liquid is a lemon dessert mix, which is one of the most common flavors of Dinner Lady. The creamy and delicious pastry welcome you at first inhale, while a zesty lemon curd combined with fluffy meringue produces a deep, layered vapour. The choice of 70% VG Lemon Tart 10ml e-liquid and 50ml short fills is eligible for sub-ohm vape kits. Both create a great deal of flavor and vapour to match. The 10ml form is available with a power of 3 mg or 6 mg while the shortfill has space for a booster shot of 10ml nicotine.


  1. Cider Farms Dark Forest Fruits by Jungle Juices - McVape

cider farms

A new brand, Cider Farms, has emerged into the market and they plan to offer exactly that, a cool refreshing organic cider flavour, without the next day's alcohol and hangover. The result of Jungle Juice's loving attention by the brains, Cider Farms aims to be a brand that aims to bring you something rather unique instead of offering their own flavor. The collection of cider farms comes in 120 ml bottles of 100mil liquor, and volume at a ratio for 2 nicotine shots. They come with a great marking in cider type that really looks like the part for the whole picture in cider.


  1. Chuckleberry by Kingston E-liquids - McVape


The Kingston Chuckleberry is a blend of Zingberry and Red A, ideal for vapers who love red berries and dark fruits with a cool blast of menthol. This is a mouth-watering extravaganza of fruit, grape and berry topped by a menthol undertone. The vapour-liquid comes in a single 120ml bottle. When you apply the FREE NICOTINE BOOSTER to the 100ml eliquid, this will create a 3 mg Nicotine Power 120ml e-liquid.


  1. Anarchy E-liquid by Lucky Thirteen E-Liquids - McVape

anarchy eliquid

A sweet combination of freshly ripened raspberries and succulent blueberries makes this e-juice a wonderfully fruity experience. The mixture of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol is a significant aspect of each E-Liquid. The vegetable element is used to create the clouds of smoke, and the aspect of propylene is used to make a taste of the throat. In this case, a 70VG/30PG mixture means you get less of the throat-hit factor you get with normal smoking, as well as more of the stunning cloud bursts that vaping provides.


  1. Spearmint Sweets Nic Salts by IVG E-liquids - McVape

spearming sweets

IVG's Spearmint Sweets e-liquid nicotine salt combines cool & sweet notes all through. The spearmint flavor is undercut by flat, ice notes, with a delicate taste. A sugary finish is created by the candy flavor on exhale. This e-liquid, which is available at a concentration of 50% VG, performs well in the mouth to lung vaping kits such as a starter kit or pod unit. As vaped it generates a distinct vapour level & a consistent flavour. IVG has created a blend by using salt nicotine that will deliver a smooth throat hit without having to reduce the nicotine content. Spearmint candy comes in nicotine levels of 10 mg and 20 mg.


  1. Kiwiberry by Iced IT Eliquids - McVape


Isickle Kiwi Berry Ice is a combination of fresh frozen strawberries with kiwis flavour. A blend of freshness and sweetness! 100ml e-liquid will take up to 2 nic shots in a 120ml chubby gorilla bottle or handle up to 3 mg nicotine content if necessary.


  1. Rainbow Candy By Nirdz E-Liquids - McVape


Rainbow by Nirdz is a tasty combination of the most beloved fruit sweets in the world! 120ml of sweet and savoury goodness that will not only please your sweet tooth but also pull back those happy childhood memories of the times you loved this wonderful mix of sweets. You'll get a bottle of 120ml, loaded with 100ml Nicotine Free Rainbow e juice. Also, you have the right to buy it with 2 x 10ml Nicotine shots. Mixing in the Rainbow e-liquid the nicotine shots will make it 3 mg. Negating the importance of buying the pre-mixed 10ml glasses.


  1. Mango Ruby by Fruit Boss - McVape

mango ruby

You will enjoy this tasty mix while you are with your tropical fruits. It hits you on the inhale with a spicy and juicy mango surprise, with a residual aftertaste of similarly exotic sour passion fruit. 50ml of juice in a 60ml bottle gives you the ability to add 1 of our Nic Shots to create a 3 mg.


  1. Dark Matter Boss Shot by Flavour Boss - McVape

Dark Matter

A soothing all-day vape, Dark Matter Boss Shot is an expertly blended blend of Juicy blackberries and ripe blackcurrants with a light menthol and aniseed foundation. 50ml of juice in a 60ml bottle provides the ability to add 1 of our Nic Shots to create a 3 mg.


  1. Fruity Mix by Frooti Tooti Eliquids - McVape

Fruite Mix

Enjoy the delicious lychee, the new milky soft honeydew melon and the wicked blackcurrant taste of death. When it comes to taking out all the possibilities Frooti Tooti reaches above and beyond in terms of testing and uses new technologies as it enters the market to create some very creative e juice items to improve the vaping experience. 


Final Thoughts

If you're new to the vaping scene or a seasoned pro, these aromatised e-juices would certainly impress you.  Do you need to add the best vape juice brands? Let us know we love to discover new flavours in the comments below!