A Detailed Account of Vaping Laws & Where Can You Vape in UK?

More than ten years ago, UK people got familiar with a set of words like e-cigarettes, vaping, and vape juice. Ever since, the majority of smokers have planned on turning to vape, leaving behind traditional smoking.


But why? Because most people consider e-cigarettes to be a healthier alternative to cigarettes that are full of carcinogens.


Well, people might have moved on from traditional cigarettes. However, they are still unaware of vaping rules and regulations in the UK.


This article brings you a detailed account of where you can vape in the UK and other necessary vaping rules you need to know.


Are there any Age Restrictions for Vaping in the UK?

Yes, sir, there definitely are age restrictions for vaping in the UK. Well, what are they? Let's see them at a glance.

  • People need to be over 18 years of age to purchase a vaping device, electronic cigarette, and vaping juice in the UK.
  • To avoid minors from taking up smoking as a ''cooler'' stunt, the government has also ordered the advertising agencies and vaping companies to follow a guideline. The guideline is that they cannot display someone who doesn't appear to be older than 25 in a country's vaping advertisement.


All the Restrictions about Vaping Products in the United Kingdom

  • Vape juices in the UK cannot contain diacetyl.
  • The maximum nicotine strength of vape juices has been preset at 20mg/ml.
  • E-Liquid containers cannot be more than 10 ml in volume capacity.


In addition to that, producers of e-cigarettes and vaping devices in the UK have to submit detailed product descriptions to the governing authorities.


Can you Vape in a Pub?

Well, there are no legal guidelines that bar you from vaping in a pub in the UK. But everything's a question of moral ethics and duty. Most pubs in the country do not forbid you from using electronic vaping devices on their premises. Still, you need to respect the choices of people sitting in the pub.


Famous fast-food chains like Starbucks and KFC have put a complete blanket ban over vaping on their premises.


Vaping at Work

If you can or cannot vape at your workplace entirely depends upon what type of work field you are in. Whether you work openly in the field, or in a cubicle, or are closing deals with clients all the time, you can vape or not. It depends on your employer.


If you own a business, it's up to your customers that you can vape or not while you are with them.


Vaping on a Train

Anyone will be a fool if they try to vape on a train. It's considered dangerous as well, as it may make passengers along with you a bit uneasy. Apart from that, vaping is strictly banned on all the trains in the country. In addition to that, vaping is strictly prohibited on all passenger stations in the country.


Vaping on a Flight

Just like regular cigarettes, vape pens are also experiencing a backlash from the airline industry. Vaping on a flight is strictly prohibited. If you think that you can go to the toilet for a sneak peek, just don't act on this sinister thought. Why? Because the smoke alarms in the toilet will go off, and you'll be in an awkward situation.


Although you can carry a vape pen with you on a plane, you can't use it. That's a negative.


Can you Vape while Watching a Football Match?

Well, that depends where you are headed to? If you are thinking about vaping in well renowned and maintained stadiums like the Old Trafford, then no. You can get in trouble for trying to vape in these high-end stadiums.


Talking of some small stadiums, yes you can vape there, but the rules aren't very static there as well.


So what's the safest way to vape in a stadium without getting in trouble? To ask the management about the latest vaping rules.


Vaping on a Cruise

If you wish to vape on a ship, do that in areas that are meant for smoking. Most of the cruise operators have banned cigarettes on their ships, and vaping might be next in the line.



Well, now you know where you can and cannot vape in the United Kingdom. In a vast country like the United Kingdom, where rules and regulations vary from county to county, it becomes difficult to form clear boundaries. Still, we tried to sum up everything on the topic where you can vape in the UK.

The possibilities are boundless, so we'd advise you to get your favourite vape device and enjoy vaping in your safe haven. Which is your favourite vape pen? What are your preferred nicotine levels in e-juice? Do tell us everything. Until then, happy vaping…!!